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Brooke Emory
Founder CEO

Brooke Emory is a global influencer, international fitness consultant and motivational speaker with a mission to help others through the power of movement. 

BeYou Movement is a compilation of Brooke’s diverse work experience in multiple industries. The movement was born to give inclusive access to a supportive community, movement and wellness practices which is influenced by Brooke’s lack of resources during a time of need. Brooke has consulted for a variety of global livestream fitness apps and boutique studios including Motosumo and Sweat Factor.

She started her career as a Pro Backup Dancer for multiple artists including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. A creator by nature, Brooke designed for high-end brands including Ralph Lauren and PVH Corp. Leading with love, Brooke owns a non-profit bakery called Brooke’s Bakery donated to Mental Health Awareness Organizations.

Maria Gonzalez
Marketing Assistant and Partnerships

María is a specialist in digital marketing and audiovisual production with a BA in Social Communications. 

She is a lover of film, television, radio, photography, digital and conventional media, music and art. María loves to create meaningful partnerships for the BeYou Movement and showcase the company’s purpose and value through the use of our social media platforms.

Primarily, María is Brooke’s right-hand and helps with social media, marketing, memberships and the BeYou Movement podcast . We are grateful to have María’s hard work and passion on our team.

Matt D' Amour
Group Coach

Matt’s coaching perspective and mentorship style is born out of twenty-five years of business experience that includes three successful start-ups. Raised by entrepreneurs and driven by an unwavering commitment to transformation, Matt began building businesses aimed at improving the well-being of others at a young age. 

His expertise is broad and incorporates extensive hands-on experience in human development, culture construction, and designing experiences that enable potential and unlock individuals’ process of stepping into their true gifts. Matt co-founded Subtle Distinctions, an Integrative Coaching Company where he supports Individuals, Business Leaders, and Their Team in making thoughtful decisions that generate intentional impact.

Matt has worked with fortune 100 companies like Nike, all the way to pre-revenue startups across multiple industries.

Yuvanes Kumar
Events Coordinator and Fitness Coach

Growing up, Yuvanes (Jaws) was always a sporty kid. He participated in all kinds of sports, including track and field, basketball, football, cheerleading, volleyball and cycling. 

You name it, he has probably done it. When Jaws got older, he moved away from fitness a bit to focus on life. After that, in 2018, Jaws was ready to come back to fitness.

He joined Malaysia’s first boutique cycling studio as an instructor. Four years later, we’ve opened nine studios across Malaysia to be the biggest boutique fitness brand in the country! Jaws has taught over 700 cycling, Versaclimber and HIIT classes, and he has made his way up the ladder to become the Head of Programs. Jaws is just getting started!

Ben Parsons
Fitness Coach

Ben, London born and bred, originally trained as an actor but has since transitioned into fitness where he gets to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals but most importantly find a correct balance. 

His style is mainly strength and functional based training. He works across some of the top boutique gyms in London and both works and films internationally spreading his love for fitness.

Ben brings his experience and cheeky charm to push and challenge you in the studio. With a big focus on why you are doing what you’re doing, he will take you out of your comfort zone. Always with a big smile on his face.

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