Brooke Emory
Founder CEO

Visionary & creative


As the founder of BeYou Movement, my journey towards creating this empowering platform stems from a deeply personal place. Fueled by my own experiences and challenges, I embarked on a mission to offer a space of support and transformation for individuals facing physical and mental hurdles. The genesis of BeYou Movement lies in my realization during a period of struggle – a profound understanding that my purpose was to share the knowledge and resources acquired through my own journey of self-discovery.

At BeYou Movement, our progressive and integrated approach prioritizes holistic well-being, focusing on essential elements like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Through a comprehensive intake process, we guide our community toward becoming their best selves. Our goal is the transformation of individuals into healthy, happy, purpose-driven beings, equipped to create the life they desire. More than a platform, BeYou Movement is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic wellness, where authenticity is embraced, inspiring fulfilling lives.

My journey is not just a professional pursuit
it is a testament to my belief that everyone deserves to feel exceptional.”

Visionary and Creative, Holistic Stylist, Designer, and Wellness Consultant, my journey spans iconic brands like Ralph Lauren, PVH Corp, and Greyson Clothiers. From brand vision to creative direction, design, and styling, my expertise weaves captivating narratives in the fashion world. Additionally, I collaborate with brands, bringing dynamic and trendsetting ideas to life.

Fashion is not just a job but a canvas for self-expression, influenced by my grandma’s timeless elegance. Advocating for true wellness, I believe it starts inside, reflecting externally. Overcoming body image struggles, I empower others through my vision, creativity, design and styling services, revealing their authentic selves.

Beyond glamour, my goal is profound: to positively impact lives. My journey isn’t just professional; it’s a testament to the belief that everyone deserves to feel exceptional. Continuing my creative ventures, I aim to uplift and inspire others on their journey to the best versions of themselves.



Embark on a fitness journey shaped by my collaborations with industry leaders and honed skills under the guidance of undefeated Boxing and MMA Champion Heather Hardy at Gleason’s Gym. From diverse modalities in boutique fitness studios across NYC and LA, including boxing, HIIT, strength training, cycling, and mobility, my foundation as a backup dancer alongside top artists in Los Angeles propels my expertise. Now, after an extensive career, I’m excited to share my knowledge with you—whether you’re a passionate studio owner, aspiring fitness professional, or a motivated health enthusiast. Let’s work together to transform your dreams into reality and inspire others along the way.


  • Concept creation

  • Colorways, theme, brand DNA

  • Concept boards

  • Logo creation

  • Studio build out

  • Pricing structure

  • Online platform build out (on-demand & livestream)

  • Instructor prospecting and training

  • Interior graphics (vinyl printing)

  • Marketing material (business cards, ads, website and social media graphics)


  • Boxing, HIIT and cycling technical training

  • Developing and creating your own brand

  • Social media strategy

  • Next steps in your career

  • Studio and business advice

  • Creating your own online platform and presence

  • Performance training

  • Music selection

  • Class programming

  • Marketing material (logo, business cards, ads, website and social media graphics)


Stage/Live Performances

  • Justin Bieber “All Around the World” Tour – USA Tour Dancer
  • Pentatonix Tour – Dancer, Assistant Choreographer
  • American Music Awards, Pentatonix – Dancer, Assistant Choreographer
  • American Music Awards, Andy Grammer – Dancer
  • Streamy Awards, Soulja Boy – Dancer  
  • Music Speaks, Tori Kelli – Dancer 
  • Zendaya ft. Ariana Grande Local LA Show – Dancer
  • This Boy That Girl Tour – Dancer 
  • Inde Music Channel Awards – Dancer
  • Blvd 3 Halloween Show – Dancer 
  • Federal Los Angeles – Dancer 
  • Queen Universe Pageant – Dancer
  • Carnival Los Angeles – Dancer 


  • Shinsa NYC – Dancer 


  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Dancer
  • Adidas Kids – Dancer
  • Vlado Footwear- Dancer 

Music Videos

  • “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj – Dancer 
  • “All Around The World” by Justin Bieber- Assistant Choreographer, Dancer 
  • “Fighter Jet” by Wiz Khalifa – Dancer 
  • “Give Me Your Hand” by The Ready Set – Dancer 
  • “Send Me a Picture: by Young Marqus & Jacob Latimore – Dancer 
  • ”Music Is My Language” by This Boy That Girl – Dancer 
  • “Atmosphere” by Cody Longo – Dancer

Web Series Youtube

  • Stephen “tWitch” Boss – Assistant, Dancer
  • Nick DeMoura – Assistant, Dancer
  • Bo Park – Dancer
  • Keenan Cooks – Dancer
  • Kenichi Kasamatsu – Dancer
  • Day 2 Night – Dancer, Assistant
  • “The Maple Heart” – Dancer, Assistant