Michael Palser


Embrace and Evolve: Movement and the Power of Failure with Michael Palser

Join us on “Embrace and Evolve” as we embark on an empowering journey with Michael Palser, a dynamic athlete-turned-wellness professional. In this episode, Michael opens up about his passion for movement and the invaluable lessons he learned through embracing failure. Gain powerful insights into holistic well-being as Michael shares how movement practices and the wisdom of failure can lead us to a path of growth and transformation. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to embrace your own journey of wellness and self-discovery.

About Michael:

Meet Michael Jay Palser, a passionate health and fitness enthusiast on a relentless quest to achieve wholeness and help others do the same. With a foundation in athletics and sports, Michael’s coaching journey began as a featured demonstrator for a sports performance program at a medical center. Over the years, he evolved into a certified personal trainer, combining cutting-edge performance training with a results-based approach that unleashes the full potential of the human body. Embracing a spirit warrior mindset and a connection to his inner child, Michael’s expertise spans a diverse clientele worldwide, ranging from children to Olympic athletes and elders. Continuously studying and drawing from various training modalities, including Animal Flow, yoga, Muay Thai, and more, he believes in the liberating power of movement to connect us all on a deeper level.