Matt D’Amour


5 Aspects of Wellness with Matt D’Amour

Matt D’Amour, an Integrative Personal and Professional Coach, explains what it truly means to “BeYou” and how we can use the 5 aspects of wellness to become the best version of ourselves.

About Matt D’Amour:

Matt’s coaching perspective and mentorship style is born out of twenty-five years of business experience that includes three successful start-ups. Raised by entrepreneurs and driven by an unwavering commitment to transformation, Matt began building businesses aimed at improving the well-being of others at a young age. His expertise is broad and incorporates extensive hands-on experience in human development, culture construction, and designing experiences that enable potential and unlock individuals’ process of stepping into their true gifts. Matt co-founded Subtle Distinctions, an Integrative Coaching Company where he supports Individuals, Business Leaders, and Their Team in making thoughtful decisions that generate intentional impact. Matt has worked with fortune 100 companies like Nike, all the way to pre-revenue startups across multiple industries.