Mark Tollefson


Awakening Through Wilderness: A Vision Quest Journey with Mark Tollefson

Embark on a transformative journey with our guest, Mark Tollefson, in ‘Awakening Through Wilderness.’ Explore the profound practice of Vision Quests, where ancient wisdom meets modern introspection. Through introspective conversations, discover how Mark’s upbringing and indigenous experiences have shaped his perspective on nature, spirituality, and the power of solo wilderness time. Uncover the significance of intentions, delve into personal growth, and learn how Vision Quests align individuals with their true purpose while fostering a deeper connection to the Earth. Join us for a podcast that bridges the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary wellness.

About Mark:

Mark’s life has been a profound journey driven by a deep desire to connect with the Earth’s voice and the diverse species that inhabit it beyond humans. Born on a family farm in northern Alberta, Canada, he experienced a transformative shift when his family settled among the Dineh Tah people of the Hay Lakes region. There, he intimately observed their traditional ways of life. As an adult, Mark shared his passion through teaching outdoor survival skills, tracking, bushcraft, and nature connection across various countries. However, his perspectives evolved, recognizing that mere nature connection wasn’t enough to heal our relationship with the world. Mark seeks to challenge prevailing paradigms and frameworks, advocating for a complete shift in how we perceive change and address global challenges. His vision revolves around a new understanding of goodness, balance, and relational harmony, seeking to align our consciousness with the regenerative essence of the Earth. His work centers on the profound importance of asking better questions and reimagining our relationship with the world as an active and conscious listener.