Katrina Amato


Radiant Wellness: The Ayurvedic Approach to Holistic Skincare with Katrina Amato

Explore the Magic of Ayurvedic Skincare with Katrina Amato: Harnessing the Power of Self-Care and Radiant Skin. Join us in this transformative conversation as we delve deep into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, discovering how the choices we make for our skin can unlock a path to inner balance and radiant health. Katrina shares her personal journey and practical insights into the profound connection between skincare and overall well-being. Tune in to uncover the secrets of skincare as a transformative journey, uniting ancient philosophies with modern wellness practices.

About Katrina:

Katrina Amato is a passionate advocate of Ayurveda, a timeless holistic system that transcends passing trends. With a deep understanding of Ayurveda’s essence, she has embarked on a mission to illuminate the path to optimal health and lasting beauty. Katrina’s journey began as a young model in NYC, where she became acutely aware of the importance of skincare. This fascination led her to explore the connection between inner harmony and outer radiance through Ayurveda. She studied dance at Cal State Long Beach and delved into the world of holistic esthetics, guasha, and Ayurvedic skincare. Earning an esthetician license and becoming an Ayurvedic wellness educator, Katrina founded Sealevel Skincare to empower women to embrace their unique beauty and restore their skin’s health. Her approach combines science and energy, helping individuals find their inner balance and regain their self-confidence. Katrina Amato is on a mission to redefine beauty and share the wisdom of Ayurveda with the world.