Katie Fritz


Unlocking the Trifecta Power of Acupuncture with Katie Fritz

Katie Fritz, a licensed acupuncturist and expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, unveils the profound trifecta power of acupuncture, encompassing physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Join us as we delve into Katie’s insights on embracing new opportunities and their potential to ignite life-changing transformations.

About Katie Fritz:

Katie Fritz is a highly accomplished acupuncturist of Traditional Chinese Medicine, holding an MSTOM from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL. With a focus on women’s health, she completed clinical work at the Chicago Women’s Health Center and received specialized training in palliative care at Pacific College’s San Diego campus. Katie’s expertise extends to herbal studies, yogic philosophy, functional nutrition, and trauma-informed practices. Her deep connection to nature, contemplative practices, and love for her community in Madison, WI, enrich her personal life. As a dedicated practitioner, she integrates ancient wisdom and philosophies into her clinical practice, providing holistic support for the body, mind, and spirit.