Julian Elijah Martinez


The Benefits of Art for your Mental Health with Julian Elijah Martinez

Julian Elijah Martinez, a renowned and highly respected star on Broadway and Television, shares his story on how art changed his life. A “soul brother” of Brooke’s, they talk about the mental challenges they have been through and how the support of the arts community directed them on a path of healing and growth.

About Julian Elijah Martinez:

Julian Elijah Martinez started acting in high school. At the time, he was ignored, floundering academically, and desperately seeking a sense of belonging. He felt a “calling” to audition for a play and after he gave his first bow, his life had changed. Elijah studied acting and theater design at Elon University, he then attended Yale School of Drama. A star on Broadway and TV, a few of his credits include: Network on Broadway, Television Series Wu-tang: An American Saga; Law and Order: SVU; That Damn Michael Che Show; Prodigal Son; and Elementary. He is on the board of the Developing Artist Theater Company and a company member of the Actor’s Center. Elijah is a founder of Encompass Collective, a community engaged in principled struggle for a liberated actor practice. Julian Elijah Martinez also practices his passion of photography under the name That Ninja Jay.