Chuck Hyde


Light Club: Experiencing the Benefits of Non-Substance Psychedelics with Chuck Hyde

Dive into the World of Light Club Wellness with Chuck Hyde: Illuminating the Path to Holistic Well-Being. Join us for an enlightening conversation as we explore the extraordinary wellness experiences created by Light Club. Chuck takes us on a journey through the powerful synergy of light, sound, and vibration, uncovering how these elements harmonize to enhance overall well-being. Discover the emotional, spiritual, and mental dimensions of wellness, and how Light Club can help you truly embrace your authentic self. In this episode, we’ll delve into the transformation of wellness through cutting-edge technology and ancient philosophies, bridging the past with the future of well-being while experiencing the benefits of non-substance psychedelics.

About Chuck:

Chuck Hyde, the visionary founder of Light Club, boasts a remarkable career spanning two decades as a licensed massage therapist in the serene landscapes of Boulder, Colorado. His journey began with a unique approach to massage, focusing on vibrational healing, a response to the growing demand for holistic therapies that address the cumulative effects of stress and embodied trauma. Chuck’s quest for alternative modalities that resonate with his heightened sensitivities led him to So Sound® Solutions in 2012, where he collaborated in developing Acoustic Resonance Therapy boards. These innovative sound-based treatments, initially coined as “iRevibe” sessions, marked the inception of Light Club. Six years later, Chuck integrated the Lucia N°03 light technology, ushering in the dawn of Light Club’s transformative sessions. As one of the pioneering figures in the United States to harmonize sound, vibroacoustic technology, and hypnagogic light therapy, Chuck’s Light Club has conducted thousands of sessions, revolutionizing the understanding of how light, sound, and vibration profoundly impact consciousness and elevate states of awareness. Today, Chuck Hyde continues to expand the Light Club community, relentlessly exploring novel ways to harness the power of light and sound for the advancement of human experience and conscious evolution.